Main House Ground Floor - Birth to 24 months Unit

Many years of knowledge and experience has led to the most effective layout and location of our classrooms.  For ease, our birth to 24 months old unit is ideally situated on the ground floor of the main house.

To ensure more individualised care for your child, our numbers are kept to a minimum and staff support to a maximum. 

An abundance of stimulating equipment and resources are available to encourage the overall development of every child.

We provide three base rooms for our youngest children, as well as a sleep room, a changing room, a sensory zone and a soft play area.

Tots Tune Time features in the weekly timetable, providing entertainment and fun for the babies and toddlers using puppets, dance, movement, music, singing, counting and colours.

Our rural location allows our children the benefit of countryside walks, enabling them to observe nature and visit the various animals on and around the site. The added advantage of our 6 seater 'Turtle Bus' allows younger, less mobile children to access the natural surroundings. 

We also enjoy visits off the premises to places like the local soft play centre, to feed the ducks and visit the library with transport provided by our own nursery vehicles.

We recognize that communication and inter-action between parents and staff is very important, and we encourage you to share any achievements of your child with us, as well as any changes in routine, worries or concerns. It is our belief that working together ensures the best outcome for your child.

Whilst your child is at Freshfields Nursery, a learning journal will be compiled for them. This contains a detailed development plan, observations, photographs and art work, and is available to you to view at any time. 

Your child will also have their own daily diary so that you can see how long they have slept and how much they have eaten, for example. Staff will give you a comprehensive handover at the end of your child's session and discuss anything of concern to either them or yourself.

We hold parents' evenings twice a year when there is an opportunity for you to spend a more lengthy period of time in your child's classroom and discuss your child's development and progress with the staff who care for them.