Extra Activities

We offer many exciting activities at Freshfields for all the children that we care for and our outdoor area is no exception. The children can enjoy playing on our pirate ship, imagining they are on the high seas, or be up in the tree house observing a different perspective on the garden. On another day the children may be visiting our forest school area where they can take part in things like den building, or making tree cookies, or the younger ones may be playing in our log car. Stimulating their senses in the sensory garden is another favourite activity for many of the children, or they may learn how food begins its journey to their plate by planting seeds in the vegetable garden and discovering how all living things need to be cared for and looked after by visiting the animals in the mini-farm.

In addition to all that is available at Freshfields we are also pleased to be able to offer the following extra curricular activities.

Each one has been selected as fun and exciting for the children and also for enriching your child's development and experience at Freshfields nursery.