Main House, First Floor

The first floor of the Main House is home to the 3 - 5 year old children. Whilst it still retains its charm and traditional home atmosphere  it has been extensively refurbished with the provision of child care in mind.

The 3 - 5 year old children have the facilities of the whole floor. Here we have two main classrooms, with side rooms, for the children, with easy free flow access to the resource room. This is the 'messy room' where the children can partake in arts and crafts and sand and water play. The children also have their own cloakroom and bathroom facilities on this floor where independence is encouraged.

There is an area in each classroom which is devoted to role play. Here you might find a post office, a doctors surgery, or a kitchen where our children can role play familiar scenarios, helping them to make sense of their world, encouraging their imagination and supporting their social development.